Wednesday, July 6, 2011

115 / Ranjan Engti / India


Rajan writes:

"AFSPA is no doubt a draconian law. It is a weapon to fight militants in disturbed areas. Unfortunately, a few, if not all soldiers, terrorize innocent civilians by indulging in  fake encounters, custodial killings, rape, rights abuse, etc. In fact, many innocent lives have been lost in the campaign which exacerbates the volatile situation. And half a century of its imposition however does not improve the situation in the area......"

"People die because someone wants a red light on their car and feel important. They steal your money and lie to you in the face. Comes secretly in the night and kill the innocent in their house. Wants to divide us in the name of God. Come for 5 years and push us 50 years back. We silently walk up and seal our fate on a ballot in a box. They give their speeches as we do the war dance for them. And for years the said 'vanguards' of our society walks up and sit besides them. The kings and would be kings bathe in our blood before taking their thrones. It is DEMONcracy and its PRE-ELECTION SAGA unfolds....."


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