Tuesday, June 21, 2011

75 / Angela Ferrara / Brazil

Angela curated the eighth ABAD in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Artist's Statement: Known as the measures of Bonfim, in mid-1960 it was adopted by hippies in Bahia/Brazil as part of their style. Sold in various colors, the ribbon of the Lord of Bonfim has a side that few know–each color symbolizes an Orixa: dark green for Oxossi, clear blue for Iemanjá, yellow for Oxum. Whatever the color, the ribbon has a symbolic, aesthetic and spiritual meaning typical of Bahia's African roots. In popular tradition, the Lord of Bonfim ribbon is wrapped around the wrist and secured with three knots. Each knot precedes a wish made mentally, and the wishes should be kept secret until the tape breaks from wear and tear.


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